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Domestic Package Specifications




1.  This detailed outline clarifies what is included in a typical domestic PMHI package. To view our export packages, please go to Export Package Specifications.

2.  Please refer to Domestic Project Outline for an outline of what is NOT included.

3. All Signature Series Plans include engineering, per the California Building Code (CBC), and required materials to achieve:
     a. A roof snow load of 20 lbs/ft2.
     b. A roof tile load of 10 lbs/ft2.
     c.  85 mph Exposure "C".
     d. Seismic Zone 4

4.  Greater design loads are available by quote only.

1. WALL PANELS: Up to 12’ long, and 8’ to 10’ tall will be factory assembled per California Building Code (CBC) consisting of the following material (walls less than 8’ high, rake or trapezoid walls, and walls over 10’ high, will be panelized when practical, or shipped as material only for job site assembly)

(a)Wall Framing: Dry 2"x 4" (2"x 6" optional) 16" on center (oc) dry Douglas Fir studs (Engineered Lumber optional) on exterior and interior walls. All panels have second top plate shipped loose for job site installation.

(b) Windows: Milgard "Tuscany" dual-glazed vinyl frame per plan with Low-E2 coating for increased energy efficiency. White or tan color frame with woven pile weather stripping and vinyl glazing. (Fiberglass frame optional.) Windows installed, caulked, and flashed per CBC and window manufacturers’ specifications. Screens included for all openable windows.

(c) Exterior Siding: 19/32" Louisiana-Pacific (LP) SmartPanel™ (or equal primed, embossed, engineered panel siding) with 8" on center kerf pattern (other patterns and materials optional; LP SmartLap™ and cement fiber lap sidings for job site application over OSB sheathing optional). Walls that require roof flashing, tie downs and/or shear straps (garage wing walls), may have siding shipped loose for job site application.

(d) Exterior Sheathing: 3/8" OSB (15/32" & 19/32" OSB & plywood optional) sheathing in lieu of siding. Factory installed when stucco or other job site applied sidings are to be used.

(e) Building Paper: TYPAR™ (or equal) "House Wrap" under all factory installed siding and shipped loose for field installation under all supplied loose siding.

2. TREATED PLATE FOR SLAB FOUNDATION: Pressure treated to be field installed prior to erection on all exterior walls (see slab foundation plan details). Factory installed on all interior walls.

3. DOUBLE TOP PLATE: Shipped loose for field installation on all walls (see plan details).

4. PLUMBING WALL, CORNER, AND PANEL JOINT STUDS: Pre-cut for field installation at some exterior corners, field built plumbing walls, and at lap of building paper at panel joints. See plan details.

5. BEAMS, POSTS & HEADERS: Sized per plan.

(a) Garage Door Header & Other Structural Beams and Posts, Not Exposed: Solid Douglas Fir or Engineered Lumber Beams.

(b) Exposed Beams and Posts: Solid Douglas Fir.

(c) Window and Door Headers: Solid Douglas Fir or Engineered Lumber.

6. ROOF RAFTERS: Solid Douglas Fir per plan.

7. SECOND & THIRD FLOOR JOISTS: Engineered "I" Joist floor system, or solid Douglas Fir per plan or engineer’s calculations.

(a) First Floor Joists: Not included.

8. ROOF TRUSSES: Engineered and manufactured per plan. Valley fill truss sets standard where practical. Dutch fill, eave blocks and outlookers pre-cut. Truss ties and gable truss bracing provided per engineering. See roof framing plan and details.

9. FIELD BRACING AND MISCELLANEOUS BLOCKING: 2"x 4", 2"x6", and 2"x 8" material as required.

10. SLIDING GLASS DOOR AND SCREEN: Same frame style and color as windows.

11. ACRYLIC CAULK: 1/10 gallon tubes shipped loose for field installed windows, doors, & mudsills.


(a) First Floor Foundation Anchors and Hold Downs: Not included.

(b) "Z" Bar: Below the first floor line is not included unless an optional Skirt Package has been ordered.

13. GARAGE VENTS: 6"x 14 1/2" vents, shipped loose. One per each vehicle space.

14. EXTERIOR DOORS: Pre-hung "wood grained" fiberglass insulated door with combo sills and weather stripping. All doors include "construction grade" temporary lockset for job site security only. Not intended to be permanent locksets. Shipped pre-hung for job site installation.

(a) Front Door: 3068 door or double doors per plan. (Sidelites per plan or optional; Decorative glass inserts and door styles optional).

(b) Firewall Door: Fire rated 2868 door, with fire rated jambs.

(c) Garage Side Door: 2868 "slab" door. (Single fixed lite door optional).

15. GABLE SHEATHING AND GARAGE BEAM COVERING: Same as exterior siding/sheathing, shipped loose for field application.

16. ROOF FIELD SHEATHING: 15/32" OSB (19/32" and 23/32" OSB & plywood optional)

17. ROOF OVERHANG EXPOSED SHEATHING: 1/2" CCX plywood (5/8" and 3/4" CCX and 1"x 6" V-rustic optional; soffited overhangs optional).

18. SECOND (THIRD) FLOOR SHEATHING: Full faced (net 48"x 96" 23/32" tongue and groove OSB. (19/32" and 1-1/8" OSB & plywood optional). Screw nails and glue provided.

19. BARGE RAFTERS AND FASCIA: 5/4"x4", 5/4"x6", 5/4"x8", 5/4"x10", or 5/4"x12" LP SmartTrim™ (or equal) primed, embossed, engineered lumber). Shipped loose for job site application.

20. SHEETROCK BACKING: 2"x 8" (see plan details).

21. EAVE AND RAKE TRIM: 5/4"x 4" LP SmartTrim™ (or equal).

22. EXTERIOR WINDOW, DOOR, & CORNER TRIM: 5/4"x4", 5/4"x6", 5/4"x8", 5/4"x10", or 5/4"x12" LP SmartTrim™ (or equal) primed, embossed, engineered lumber). Shipped loose for job site application.

23. EAVE VENTS: One metal screen vent in lieu of every fourth eave block for trusses; drilled and screened wood block for each rafter space.

24. GABLE VENTS: Metal 14"x 24" gable end vents located per plan. (1/2 round and full round vents optional or per plan).

25. RAISED FOUNDATION SKIRT PACKAGES: Optional materials. Same as exterior siding/sheathing, lap siding and paper, with "Z" bar below floor line and trim as specified.



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