How to Keep Energy Bills From Going Through the Roof:

Most people don't know this, but on hot summer days the roofs of most homes absorb a lot of radiant heat from the sun. Naturally, this greatly increases roof temperatures which often reach higher than 165 degrees Fahrenheit (74 degrees Celsius). All this heat then radiates down through the roof's structure, down into the attic, and then down into the living space itself. This process makes houses very hot and cooling bills very high.

To offset this natural occurrence, we suggest using an energy efficient structural roof sheathing, such as Louisiana-Pacific's TechShield, that has a thin layer of aluminum laminated directly onto oriented strand board (OSB).   This type of roof sheathing panel is then installed with the aluminum facing into the attic. These panels act as 'radiant barriers' which actually redirect the sun's heat back off the roof preventing as much as 95% of it from ever entering the attic. The result is cooler attic temperatures by as much as 30%, and up to a 50% reduction in the heat transferred from the attic to the living space. All of which add up to lower monthly cooling bills and a significant cost savings over time. 

TechShield.jpg (47253 bytes)

The graphic difference between a roof with a radiant barrier (right)
and a roof without it! (left)

Why the Pacific Building System?

Radiant barrier roof sheathing is a standard option in PMHI packages. If you will be building in any but the coldest of climates (cool in the summer too), you should consider this option. In fact, if you will be building in an area like the greater Sacramento Valley, you may need the advantages of Low-E Glass in your windows, a radiant barrier roof sheathing, and increased roof and wall insulation's in order to be in compliance with California's Title 24 Energy Codes.  Your local PMHI Representative can provide you with more information on these requirements.

In recent years, PMHI has made the more energy efficient vinyl frame windows AND low-E glass a standard in our Signature Series packages. We also offer radiant barrier roof sheathing and 2x6 wall framing as standard options. Hence, you can be assured that PMHI will supply one of the most energy efficient homes possible.