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Signature Series Plans


Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. (PMHI) is proud to introduce you to our SIGNATURE SERIES PLANS  (homes, barn and garage plans too) designed specifically for the true owner-builder. Each plan has been pre-engineered to insure compliance with the California Building Code (CBC), one of the most stringent building codes in the world. Not only will these standard pre-engineered plans make it easier for you to get your project approved, they will also save you time and money in you building project!

PMHI warrants that all SIGNATURE SERIES PLANS will be accepted by any building jurisdiction that has adopted the California Building Code (see note below), subject to your proposed building project meeting all other local requirements too. Each plan will be sealed by an engineer registered in the state you will be building in. But, since codes and requirements can change, and may very from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, PMHI can not warrant compliance with any specific code or regulation outside of California. It is the responsibility of the plan buyer to confirm that PMHI plans meet local requirements. Outside of California, it is also the plan buyer's responsibility to make any necessary changes to the plans and/or package specifications and to notify PMHI of such needed changes prior to ordering of the package.

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NOTE: Jurisdictions not using the CBC may require additional engineering at an additional cost.

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All PMHI SIGNATURE SERIES PLANS feature complete optional building material packages. The finish material specifications have been selected to meet the demands of our customer. You will be given a detailed list of items required to finish your new home and estimated individual finish item costs from a major "Home Building Supply Center", such as  Lowe's or the Home Depot.  For those finish items that you need help with installation, we will even provide you with a list of contractors in your area.

It is the plan buyer's responsibility to confirm that each item listed meets their intended use in the local area, and the buyer's needs. It is the buyer's option to delete any item from the detailed package list or to order an upgrade or additional items that the buyer may want directly from the local building material supply store.

To make your home building project even easier, PMHI has arranged for special owner- builder financing through major mortgage companies. Whether you need 100% financing or a conventional loan, our home construction financing options feature fast pre-qualification and approval for construction loans and long term financing after your home is completed. The whole loan application process can be handled over the phone and completed in a few days with the help of our mortgage representatives.



Construction $$$
100% Financing


To begin your dream of a new home, simply select one of our SIGNATURE SERIES PLANS and give us a call. Let our over 30 years of home building experience help you have the home you have always wanted. If you are willing to be an owner-builder, and if you have good credit, we can show you the way to a new home at far less cost than typical contractor built homes……and you will also realize the pride of doing it yourself too!





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