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Export Package Specifications



  • This detailed outline clarifies what is included in a typical Export PMHI package. To view our domestic packages, please go to Domestic Package Specifications.
  • No finish materials are included in domestic packages.
  • Standard specification items are underlined. 




WALL, ROOF & FLOOR FRAMING: All walls will be factory assembled in
           panels up to 7'6" long, with 2”x4” or 2”x6" studs, per plan 
           and/or engineer’s requirements at 16" o.c.  All panels will          
           have a single factory installed top and bottom plate.             
           Second top plate is field installed.(1) 

              Stud grade dry Douglas Fir studs (per IBC/CBC)
              #1 grade dry Douglas Fir studs 

           Roofs will utilize factory assembled engineered roof truss
           systems, including valley fill truss sets. All eave blocks,
           outlookers, and fill are pre-cut. Designed for local roof
           loads. (1) 

              #1 Grade green Douglas Fir chords & webs (per IBC/CBC)
              #1 Grade dry Douglas Fir
              Engineered Lumber 

           Floor framing will primarily use “I” joists meeting or
           exceeding APA/EWS standards. All floors will utilize
           glued and screw nailed sheathing.(1)              

              Roseburg RFPI Framing System with 19/32" T&G OSB 

SIDING & SHEATHING: Factory installed on panels, except walls that
           require roof flashing, tie downs and/or shear straps may
           have siding shipped loose for job site application.  Siding
           is primed and intended to be painted directly.  Sheathing
           requires additional covering of lap siding, stucco, etc.(1) 

              3/8" OSB sheathing: Oriented Strand Board (OSB)            
              19/32" OSB siding: sealed, embossed and primed; Louisiana
                 Pacific "SmartPanel
              7/16" OSB lap: sealed, embossed and primed; Louisiana
                 Pacific "SmartLap"
              5/16" fire rated cement lap: James Hardie "HardiPlank"

PAPER: Factory installed under all siding, and shipped loose for job
           site installation under all field installed lap sidings. 

              Typar housewrap 

(1) All framing lumber and plywoods may be treated against fungus
    and termite infestation as an additional option. 

WINDOWS: All windows and sliding glass doors are installed in the wall
           panels (where practical), per the IBC/CBC and window
           manufactures' specifications. Screens included for all
           operable windows and glass doors. 5/4 SmartTrim per plan. 

              Dual-glazed in Vinyl frame: Milgard "Tuscany” white
                 or tan colored frames.

              Dual-glazed in Fiberglass frame: Milgard 

ROOF SHEATHING: Installed over roof truss system.(1)

              1/2" CDX plywood or 15/32” OSB sheathing; CCX overhangs
              5/8" CDX plywood or 19/32” OSB sheathing; CCX overhangs             

EXTERIOR DOORS: All exterior doors are 1 3/4" primed solid core,
           pre-hung in exterior jambs, and include combo sills,
           weather stripping, and temporary keyed knob for security
           during construction. Garage firewall doors are fire rated
           including the jamb system. 5/4 SmartTrim per plan. 

              Embossed fiberglass insulated: 12-panel Therma-Tru "Fiber
              Entry door knob lockset: Polo or Tylo. Brass or Antique
                 Brass Finish.
              Entry door handlesets:
Chelsea or Arlington. Brass or
                 Antique Brass Finish. 

FOUNDATION & SUBFLOOR: When plan calls for raised floor, framing will  
           primarily use engineered “I” joists. All floors will utilize
           glued and screw nailed sheathing.(1) 

              Roseburg RFPI engineered “I” joists with 19/32" T&G OSB 


INSULATION: All insulation utilizes Owens Corning Fiberglass bats,
           except exterior walls greater than R-13. For R-19 exterior
           walls, a 2x4 stud will be utilized (to reduce container
           space over a 2x6 wall) and one inch of rigid foam will be
           included for installation over the R-13, under the wall
           covering to achieve an R-19. 

              R-13: 3 1/2" Fiberglass; Exterior walls             
              R-19: 5 1/2" Fiberglass; Raised sub-floor
              R-19: R-13 Fiberglass & R-6 rigid foam
              R-30: 9 1/2" Fiberglass; Roof System
              R-38: 12" Fiberglass; Roof System

(1) All framing lumber and plywoods (NOT OSB) may be treated against fungus
    and termite infestation as an additional option. 

ROOF COVERING: All required applicable material to install a complete
           roof system, including roofing felt, nails, flashing, ridge,
           lap cement, etc.             

              Three Tab roofing shingles: 20 year warranty
              Random Tab Dimensional shake shingles: 30 year                

GUTTERS & DOWN SPOUTS: Gutter and down spouts are complete systems, and            
the necessary fittings, hangers and brackets to
           install and take all roof run off to the ground. 

              Galvanized metal: unpainted
              Vinyl: white 


   PAINTS: Exterior latex flat for all painted exterior surfaces (semi-
           gloss for exterior doors). Assorted colors; Color schemes 



   SHEETROCK: Traditional 1/2" sheetrock requiring tape and texture
           procedures to achieve paintable surface. Includes nails,
           self-stick fiberglass tape, and all-purpose joint compound
           for taping and texturing.          


   PAINTS: Interior latex semi-gloss for all painted walls, woodwork
           and ceilings. Assorted neutral colors. 


   STAINS: One grade for all selected stain grade materials (interior
           doors, base, stools and aprons, and stair systems). 

              Minwax "Polyshades": stain/polyurethane in six wood tone
                 satin finishes. 


   CARPET: 100% premium quality continuous heatset nylon carpeting. 12'
           wide roll. HUD/FHA approved. Includes all pad, tackstrip,
           and splice tape for job site installation over entire
           package floor area, except garage and vinyl/oak areas. 

              Cut Pile: 30 oz
              Cut Pile: 40 oz
              Berber Loop 

   VINYL:  Includes underlayment, adhesive, and vinyl base, for job
           site installation in areas in lieu of carpet. All tile areas  
           12" x 12" self-stick. 

              Armstrong "Stylistic"
              Armstrong "

   OAK:    Includes nails and adhesive for job site installation in
           areas in lieu of carpet. 

              Bruce 3/8": pre-finished hardwood flooring with square or
                 beveled edges; "
Glen Cove" style. 

ELECTRIC:  All related wire, boxes, connectors, circuit breakers, etc to  
           wire the structure per current NEC code. Service entry and  
           meter base are not included (usually supplied by local 
           electric company). 

              Toggle switches and outlets per local standards.
              Rocker switches and outlets per local standards. 

PLUMBING:  All related pipes, fittings, connectors, hangers, etc to
           plumb the structure for hot, cold and waste water to the
           wall or floor area of the desired fixture. 

              CPVC: Pipe and fittings for hot and cold water lines.
              ABS:  Pipe and fittings for waste line. 


     SINK: All kitchen sinks are self rimming 33"x22", and include all
           fittings for hot, cold, and waste water to the wall. All
           installation material, including clamps, plumbers putty, and
           sealer/caulk is included.

              Stainless steel: Double Bowl- 8" Deep
              White porcelain on steel: Briggs-White-Double Bowl
              Enameled cast iron: Kohler Brookfield-White-Double Bowl

    FAUCET: All faucets include flex pipe and wall shut off valves. 

              Two handle: Price Pfister, chrome
              Single lever: Delta, chrome
              Single lever with spray: Delta, chrome 

   DISPOSAL: Garbage disposal includes electrical and plumbing fittings
           to install. 

              1/2 HP Frigidaire 

   DISHWASHER: Dishwashers include electrical and plumbing fittings to

              6 programs: With dial selection, white. Frigidaire 

   RANGE & OVEN: Range and oven combinations are 30" free standing with
           electrical or gas plumbing fittings to install. 

              Electric: Easy to clean oven surfaces, white. Frigidaire
              Gas: "Self clean" oven surfaces, white. Frigidaire 

   RANGE HOOD: Range exhaust hoods are 30" with ducting thru roof/wall  
           and electrical fittings to install. 

              White painted metal
              Stainless steel 

   MICROWAVE: Optional Microwave will include microwave wall cabinet, if
           kitchen space allows, else microwaves will sit on counter
           top. Includes electrical fittings to install. 

              1.0 cubic foot: With digital clock and timer. Frigidaire 

   CABINETS: Kitchen and bath cabinets are European style (without face
           frame) and designed to be shipped knocked down and easily
           assembled at the job site. With a twist of a screwdriver,
           the "Quick-fit" cam-screws lock the side, top, bottom, and
           rear panels into place. All interior surfaces are covered
           with a melamine wood grain laminate. All doors and drawer
           fronts are prefinished. 

              Mill's Pride "Bianco": White melamine laminate doors and
                 drawer fronts.
              Mill's Pride "York": Solid oak door frames with oak
                 recessed flat center panels.
              Mill's Pride "Buckingham": Solid oak door frames with oak
                 raised center panels.


              Postformed melamine laminate tops: With coved backsplash.
                 All tops are cut to fit specific cabinet plan, and
                 include end caps, end splash, miter bolts and sink
                 cut-out.  Four patterns/colors to select from.

              Ceramic tile in 6"x6" pattern: Includes cement backer
                 board, mastic and all edge and backsplash pieces for
                 specific cabinet plan, grout and grout sealer. Four
                 tile and contrasting grout colors to select from.

              Corian or equal 


   SINK: All bathroom sinks are self rimming 20"x17", and include all
           fittings for hot, cold, and waste water to the wall. All
           installation material, including clamps, plumbers putty, and
           sealer/caulk is included. 

              Fiberglass: white
              Porcelain on steel: Briggs Anderson, white
              Enamel on cast iron: Kohler Farmington, white 

   FAUCET: All faucets include flex pipe and wall shut off valves.

              Two handle with pop-up: LDR, chrome
              One handle with pop-up: Pioneer, chrome
              Deluxe one handle with pop-up: Delta, chrome 

   VANITY: (same as kitchen cabinets) 

   VANITY TOP: (same as kitchen counter tops) 

   TUB: Five foot bath tubs include single handle chrome faucet (Price
           Pfister), all fittings for hot, cold, and waste water to the
           wall. All installation material, plumbers putty, and
           sealer/caulk is included. 

              Molded "Vikrell" (fiberglass): white, four pieces,
                 including shower enclosure;
              Porcelain on steel: Briggs,white
              Enamel on cast iron: Kohler Villager,white 

   TUB ENCLOSURE: Five foot enclosure, to be installed above tubs.
           Includes chrome shower nozzle. 

              Fiberglass: NoviAmerican, white with shower curtain rod.
              Fiberglass: NoviAmerican, white with tempered sliding
                 glass shower door. 

   SHOWER STALL: Shower enclosure (size per plan), includes single  
           handle chrome faucet and shower nozzle (Price Pfister), all
           fittings for hot, cold, and waste water to the wall. All
           installation material, plumbers putty, and sealer/caulk is
           included. Swinging tempered glass shower door included. 

              Fiberglass: white with shower curtain rod.
              Fiberglass: white with tempered, glass shower_door. 

   TOILET: White ceramic toilets, with white seats. Includes all
           fittings for water and waste to the wall. All installation
           material, wax ring, sealer/caulk is included.

              Standard round: Briggs Abdington,white
              Standard elongated: Kohler Wellworth Lite,white
              Deluxe one-piece elongated: Kohler Rialto Lite,white 

   BIDET: Available only in plans where bathroom space provides for
           this additional fixture. 

              Standard white ceramic 

   TOWEL BARS: Bathroom sets including two 24" towel bars, robe hook,
               toilet paper holder. 

              Standard chrome: exposed screw
              Deluxe chrome: hidden screw
              Oak and brass: exposed screw 


              16"x26" recessed: metal body, chrome frame
              30"x32" surface mount: metal cosmetic box, chrome frame.
              30"x30" 3-door: surface mount or recess, metal body,
                 beveled glass. 

   FLOORING: (vinyl floor same as kitchen vinyl flooring) 

   EXHAUST FAN: Includes electric fittings and switch, with ducting
           through roof. 

              50 CFM Ceiling fan (if required per plan) 


   CABINETS: (same as kitchen style) 

   EXHAUST FAN: (same as bath exhaust fan) 

   FLOORING: (same as kitchen flooring) 


   INTERIOR DOORS: All interior doors are "pre-fitted" and shipped
           knocked down with hinges attached. Jambs and casing are
           stain grade or paint grade.  All passage doors include
           Kwikset locksets. 

              Primed hardboard: hollow core tempered hardboard veneer.
              Stain grade birch: hollow core birch veneer.
              Primed embossed: hollow core Masonite "Colonist" six_panel
              Lockset Knob Style: Polo or Tylo. Brass or Antique Brass_Finish.
              Lockset Levers: Lido or Winston (handicap access
                 approved). Brass or Antique Brass Finish. 


              Standard: Wood shelf and clothes rod
              Deluxe organizer: Metal shelves and clothes rods system (Stanley) 


              Paint grade: primed pine 7/16x2-1/2 "streamline"
              Stain grade: clear pine 7/16x2-1/2 "streamline"
              Paint grade: primed pine 9/16x3-1/4 "colonial" 


              Paint grade: pine
              Stain grade: clear pine 


   WATER HEATER: Tankless 

   FURNACE: Forced air furnaces include flexible insulated ducting,
           registers, electric and gas fittings and thermostat
           controls. Gas furnace include ducting thru roof. 

              Wall furnace: 35,000 BTU, single wall, natural or LP gas.
              Forced air gas: natural or LP gas
              Forced air electric:
              Heat pump: gas or electric heat and air conditioning. 







   GARAGE DOOR: Sectional, embossed metal roll-up door. Includes track,
           springs and all related installation hardware. Polyester
           prime coated. 

              Sizes per plan 

   GARAGE DOOR OPENER: Chain drive, including all electrical fittings
           to install. For main door or one door only. 

              1/2 horsepower 


              110 volt 60 cycle A/C powered
              9 volt battery powered



     These general export specifications are subject to change without
      notice. Refer to specific contract specifications for list of
      items included in any specific package(s). Pacific Modern Homes,
      Inc. (PMHI) reserves the right to substitute items of equal or
      better specification in any package. 

      For the purpose of publishing a general export specification, all
      items listed herein are based upon the residential portions of
      the International Conference of Building Official's International
      Building Code (
IBC), related standards, and the California 
      Building Code (
CBC) where more restrictive.
  It is the purchasers
      responsibility to advise PMHI of any local codes, standards, or
      restrictions that differ from the IBC/CBC. 

      All appliances that require 50 cycle, 220 volt operation have
      minimum order quantities. Packages with less than these minimum
      quantities will require additional cost transformers to adapt the
      electrical appliances from the American standard of 60 cycle, 110
      volt operation.                                                      



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