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Fire Code Options:
Effective January 1, 2008, the California State Fire Marshall placed many areas of California in a "Wild Fire Zone". Even though the requirements for these zones have been published, there have been conflicting interpretations of the code by local building officials. Hence, please ask your local PMHI representative for help with these codes and clarifications of what windows, exterior doors, siding, etc., may be used in these zones.

Pre-Engineered Standard Plans:

PMHI is proud to announce the introduction of more Signature Series Plans,   designed specifically for the true owner-builder. Each plan has been pre-engineered to insure compliance with California building codes, some of the most stringent in the world. Not only will these new standard pre-engineered plans make it easier for you get your project approved, they will also save you time and money in you building project!

Milgard's "Tuscany" Windows Standard:

PMHI now includes Milgard's "Tuscany" style windows, with Low E2 coating, in all of our packages. In addition, the Tuscany windows are ENERGY STAR® rated and also feature SmartTouch™ locking system, lifetime glass breakage warranty, vent stops, and window screen pull rails. These upgrades make all of our packages even more energy efficient and the windows have above average features.

Custom Garage Plans = Standard Plans:

PMHI now classes over 500 garage packages as "Standard Plans".... even if you customize the plans!  To view these new garage plans please go to Garage Plans.

Engineered Lumber Now Optional:

PMHI has been studying the advantages and disadvantages of new technology building materials that would increase the quality of our home packages AND be more environmentally "friendly". We studied both lumber and steel framing systems. It is our conclusion that the disadvantages of steel framing far outweigh any advantages.

  • For more information on Steel Framing, go to an article titled Steel Framing, an Alternative or a Liability.
  • Note: We also studied Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) and concluded they have very limited applications and are only practical in extremely cold climates where there high costs can possibly be offset by energy savings.

Our studies concluded that the quality residential construction materials of the future are available today in the form of Engineered Wood or lumber.

A PMHI home built with engineered lumber has floors that are flat, true and won't squeak or creak. Sheetrock won't crack over windows and arches. Doors fit correctly. The fact that engineered lumber uses fewer trees should give you a good feeling too...scarce old-growth trees, nearly decimated for use as structural lumber, will get the chance to grow even older.-


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