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Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. (PMHI) is a privately owned California corporation that specializes in the design and manufacturing of wood stud wall panels, wood roof trusses, and packaging them with all the materials needed to frame a home, barn, or garage. In other words, we package homes, barns and garages to make it easier for you to build. Our most economical packages are produced from our Standard Plans. But, for a modest additional charge, we can modify our standard plans or package your Custom Plans.

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PMHI is proud to announce the introduction of more Signature Series Plans   designed specifically for the true owner-builder. Each plan has been pre-engineered to insure compliance with California building codes, some of the most stringent in the world. Not only will these new standard pre-engineered plans make it easier for you to get your building permits, they will also save you time and money in your building project!

-Our Experience & Reputation:

We have worked with contractors, developers, importers and owner builders throughout America and the International Marketplace to plan, package, and deliver quality building materials for the construction of "American Style" homes to 1,000's of families and 100's of light commercial buildings, since 1968.

At PMHI, we are proud of our heritage and reputation as a leader in the package homes industry and are dedicated to helping you with your next building project. For a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Reliability Report on our company, please click on their logo at left.

-Our Representatives

In addition to our manufacturing experience, we are proud of the experience and professionalism of our marketing team. Each representative can provide you with the valuable advice and counsel you need to erect your new home quickly and efficiently. Or, they can put you in touch with reliable licensed contractors who can complete those phases of construction which you choose not to do yourself.  Click here to contact our representatives directly.

The manufactured housing industry has been a part of America's home ownership dream since the early 1900's. Sears and Roebuck was one of the early pioneers of the pre-cut idea. in America. Pacific Modern Homes, Inc. (PMHI), was one of the first in California. The concept of pre-cutting and pre-packaging building components and materials has helped many contractors and owner-builders complete their projects with cost savings and in much less time then with traditional "stick building" procedures.

We at PMHI have packaged over 16,000 homes worldwide. In addition, we have packaged numerous apartments and light commercial buildings, from restrooms to fire stations, to a court house annex. We have worked successfully with contractors and developers throughout the world and would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Our years of experience, quality products, and the additional services we provide, assure you of a satisfied building experience.

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Our most economical and practical standard plans for the true owner-builder are called Signature Series Plans.  If our standard plans do not meet your needs. Or, if time and cost are not your prime consideration factor, our Drafting Service can modify any Signature Series Plan  to meet your needs. If you prefer, we can work with you to develop a truly "custom" home from your ideas, sketches, and dreams, such as the home pictured above. All plans are available in either Metric or Imperial dimensions.

Upon completion of your plans, our Estimating Department will prepare a computer-generated quotation for your specific PMHI package.

Each PMHI home, barn, or garage package begins with the exterior and interior walls being designed by computer.


Then, the walls are pre-framed in sections or panels per the current Uniform Building Code (UBC) in our factory.



Each wall panel is numbered and identified by number on the panel plans included with every package. This insures fast and efficient erection of the package shell on you subfloor or slab foundation.


All roof trusses are also computer designed and engineered for your specific plan and roof load requirements. The truss webs and chords are then cut on our new computer controlled Alpine Linear Saw. Not only are all cuts precisely made, the computer optimizes the use of the materials for minimum waste too!


Next, the trusses are fabricated on new state-of-the-art layout tables. The Alpine truss plates are pressed while the chords and webs are held in jigs to assure proper alignment and the uniformity of adjacent trusses.

We also provide rafter roof systems where trusses will not work or are not desired.

All materials are neatly bundled and keyed to the shipping list for easy identification.


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Our floors feature I-Joists and Engineered Wood beams.

Because the I-Joists and beams are manufactured to resist the effects of temperature and moisture, they will not change shape.

All of us at PMHI are proud of our heritage and our reputation as a leader in the industrialized housing industry, both domestically and internationally. We have established new traditions and standards for packaged housing that following generations will strive to achieve.


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